Advanced Usage

For users familiar with, this area of the documentation provides guidance on getting even more from the platform.

As you integrate into your security toolset, you’ll likely want more visibility of the actions performed in the platform. These might be things like knowing when someone has added a new validated email or scheduled a new campaign. allows you to configure webhooks for a growing number of ‘key’ actions in the platform. When these actions occur we’ll send you a notification that you can use for awareness, or to tie into other automation.

VECTR Results Export
VECTR from SRA is a free, adversary emulation activity-tracking platform that enables you to log the individual attacker actions you perform as part of collaborative, purple-team style exercises.

To enable you to better integrate into your purple team activities, we’ve released a Python command-line tool to automate the import of results into VECTR.

Body Payload Customisation

Dynamically populated variables in body payloads allow you to customise content to include references to the recipient, their organisation and the campaign to which your payload emails belong. This enables you to create more accurate recreations of targeted email threats and to better test detection and preventative controls.

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