Introduction to Campaigns

A Campaign is a group of one or more emails that are scheduled to be sent at the same time. Campaigns are scheduled from the Send Campaign view, which provides granular control over the content of both the campaign, and the individual emails.

There are a few important concepts when it comes to campaigns:

  • Every campaign is backed by a single Campaign Template, and can include anywhere between 1 and all (the default) of the payloads in a template.
  • A campaign can be scheduled to start immediately, or at a point in time in the future, and can be configured to repeat automatically at set intervals.
  • A campaign can only be sent to a Validated Email.
  • The payloads in a campaign can be sent as links in the body of the email, attachments to the email, or both.

More information on configuring a campaign and managing a campaign’s lifecycle can be found in this section’s pages.

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