There’s a few terms you’ll see within the platform. This area of the documentation serves to make it clear what each of the terms mean.

Payload This is the content that we’ll send either as attachments or links.
Campaign Template This is a hand-picked collection of payloads that serves to answer a question about your email security. You’ll see examples, such as EICAR Testing, which includes an EICAR string in numerous file formats to test your Anti-Virus’s capabilities.
Campaign This is an instance of a Campaign Template tailored to your needs. Before you send your campaign you’ll choose the recipient mailbox, when it should be sent, how it should be sent (e.g. links or attachments), and potentially which specific payloads from the collection you want to use.
Integration To maximise the value of you can configure an Integration. This allows the platform to directly query your testing mailbox to verify which payloads arrived. These results can then be captured and reviewed in the portal. supports Microsoft Office 365 and Google Mail.

Email Statuses

For every email that you send with, the campaign details will show a resulting ‘state’.

Here’s what they all mean:

Sent This means the email has been sent by, but the status of the delivery to your mailbox is unknown. If you’ve not configured an Integration, or the email was blocked, emails will remain in this state.
Delivered has analysed your mailbox and confirmed the attachment has successfully been delivered. The hash of the payload is compared to the sent version to ensure the sent and received content is exactly the same.
Stripped While the email might’ve made it to your mailbox, the attachment didn’t make it unscathed! The hash match has failed, and could be the result of your email security controls stepping in to remove macro content from documents or script content from HTML files. There’s also a Rewritten state which is equivalent to Stripped, but for links. This is where the link has been modified before arriving in the target mailbox. Typically this is done by mail filter controls to protect end users.
Held Often when an email is blocked by your email policy, e.g. due to a disallowed file extension, you’ll receive a notification to your mailbox. will attempt to identify these notifications and report the sent email as Held.
Junk (Delivered) In addition to the Delivered, Stripped and Held statuses above, there are variations that are prefixed with Junk to let you know the email arrived in your Junk folder. This is a common occurence when sending large-scale campaigns, so we’d suggest you don’t focus too much on this.
Blocked (Bounced) When sending emails, will monitor for replies from your email servers. Where emails are reported bounced or dropped, this status will be displayed. If you’ve added a Security Tool integration that reports trashed emails, these will also be reported.